Who is Lovita®?

With its unique heart shape and its juicy red flesh, Lovita is a tasty-looking plum which is perfect for dessert.

Lovita® facts and figures…

What makes Lovita® exceptional?

LOVITA®’s unique heart shape and delicious-looking, red and juicy flesh gave it its stage name. Because of its excellent sugar-acidity balance, LOVITA® is a tasty plum which is perfect to enjoy as dessert. 

Lovita®, a "high-end" plum

Now more than ever, consumers seek novelty and great taste. They are also more aware of food safety-related issued. LOVITA® is a “high-end” plum which meets all their expectations, thanks to:

  • quality production based on strict specifications which all authorised producers are required to meet.
  • A well-organised marketing structure dedicated to ensuring LOVITA®’s success. 

When can Lovita® be enjoyed?

LOVITA®’s marketing season is from September to December. We have grown LOVITA® in our orchards for several years, and have obtained excellent results in terms of storage time. LOVITA® has every reason to join festive end-of-year dinners and celebrations. It has been commercialised since September 2019, and is the result of the first plantings made in France.

We have grown LOVITA® in our orchards for several years,
and have obtained excellent results in terms of storage time and taste.
Furthermore, the yield is high with large-size fruits.

The men behind Lovita®

It is the first variety to have been selected by French Fruit Lovers, a French fruit variety license manager based in Moissac (France), founded by nurserymen-producers Sébastien RISPE and Benoît ESCANDE, both heirs to several generations of fruit growers, and Sébastien GUY, who specialises in fruit marketing development.

Lovita®'s Partners

Boyer SAS, Apifood, Cancel Fruits Distribution, and Le Vieux Pointet are leading actors in the initial marketing of fruit products who have boarded the LOVITA®’s train with their network of producers.

These traders are GLOBAL G.A.P. and IFS Food-certified, and as such they are able to guarantee optimal quality in production and packaging and deliver “high-end” fruit to end customers. The scope of their distribution network will ensure LOVITA®’s presence in most European countries, including in networks specialised in organic farming.

The Breeder

LOVITA® is a plum developed by French Fruit Lovers, obtained from selections made by Israeli breeder Ben Dor.

Sud de France

lovita sud de france
LOVITA® is a Sud de France trademark.
Sud de France is an umbrella brand which came into being in 2006 upon the initiative of a regional authority, Région Occitanie/Midi Pyrénées, with the objective to support and promote its wines and food and farming products. Sud of France identifies quality products attached to a land and its culture under a common brand image