French Fruit Lovers

Lovita® is the first selection of a red-fleshed plum by license manager French Fruit Lovers.

A Love story

Seduced by LOVITA®’s taste and attractive aspect and also by its marketing potential, producers-nurserymen RISPE and ESCANDE decided to create a structure dedicated to LOVITA®’s promotion. In 2018 they created French Fruit Lovers, a fruit variety license manager aimed at creating optimal conditions for the launch of a “high-range” plum able to meet the demands of consumers seeking both novelty and taste.

Who are the members of French Fruit Lovers?

French Fruit Lovers was founded by producers-nurserymen Sébastien RISPE and Benoît ESCANDE, both heirs to several generations of producers, and by Sébastien GUY, specialised in the commercial development of fruit products.

French Fruit Lovers: the entity

The structure sought a legal framework to ensure LOVITA®’s commercial development under an agreement with its partners : producers, packaging stations, authorised distributors, French Fruit Lovers retaining exclusive marketing rights.
LOVITA®’s promotion relies on a yearly marketing and communication campaign.
On a technical level, authorised producers receive monitoring services and cultivation advice from an experienced technician.

Several new varieties are being tested in orchards belonging to the members of French Fruit Lovers,
for a more diversified LOVITA® range of products.
To be continued…